Here's our checklist to use as a guide when considering vendors as your plan your wedding! 
Let your wedding planner help with all the details for the day. This will relieve your stress as the planner can be the main contact between the other vendors. We highly suggest hiring a planner as they also help you with the scheduling process and ensure that everything is on time during the ceremony and reception.
They will make your marriage official and guide you through the ceremony with the perfect vows. You can make your ceremony even more unique with custom written vows or a tying of the knot, jumping the broom, or candle lighting custom. 
The florist works with your color scheme and puts together your bouquet, along with the bridal party flowers. Most times, they will also design the table decor and altar arrangement.
A MUST HAVE to capture every moment of your perfect day with still shots, posed and candid photos, so you can look back and relive every second. The photographer will also create a timeline for the flow of the photos, especially if you are wanting a reveal, grand reception entrance or exit. 
The videographer carefully creates a film of your day with music, voiceover, or vow recordings. Don't overlook booking one as this may be the last time you have a recording of your friends and family together in one place!
Enjoying amazing food at your wedding is necessary, and your caterer will coordinate with you or the planner to make a menu that works for your reception. They may also be able to serve the food rather than the guests make their own plate. 
Photo Booth: 
This is a fun time for you and your guests to use throughout the night as you take photos with your bridal party, eat, and dance the night away. With backdrops, props, and custom settings, there are many options to choose from. 
If you are wanting an awesome after party, you definitely want to coordinate with your DJ on the style of music for the evening. They may also be the MC and announce the bridal party, along with the first dances. 
They mix the best drinks for the reception and most recently, there are even keg trucks that will bring the drinks to you. All you have to do is grab a cup and turn on the tap. 
Of course, you need to make it official and cut the cake! With so many options, you can choose the style, flavor, and decor for it. 
Hair/Makeup: Consider hiring a professional hair/makeup artist so you don't have to stress about fixing it yourself. They will have a practice session with your beforehand to ensure the final look complements your style and facial structure. 
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